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Generating Reports on Student Feedback on Teaching
(updated August 31, 2016)

This manual demonstrates how faculty members, chairs, and directors may create various reports of student feedback from courses in Digital Measures.  The following reports are covered in this manual:

  • Viewing student response rates for a current or previous feedback period
  • Suggestions for increasing response rates during a current feedback period
  • Viewing student feedback (ratings and comments) for each course section
  • Viewing response rates and overall course/instructor items
  • Viewing each student’s unique pattern of feedback (ratings and comments)


What Students See in Course Response

This manual shows examples of the initial email notification students receive to submit feedback for their courses, the email reminders sent to all students during the open feedback period, and screen captures from the Digital Measures Web site that students see as they submit their feedback.


Marietta Campus:  Gaining access to past CoursEval reports (until June 30, 2016)

Faculty on the Marietta campus whose previous courses were reviewed via CoursEval may view these reports at the link above.  You will need to use your former the NetID and Password to gain access to the reviews (i.e., the username and password you used during Spring 2015).

These reports will be available until June 30, 2016.

Note: The last administration using CoursEval occurred during Spring 2015.  No course reviews occurred on the Marietta campus during Summer 2015.