Portfolio Information for Reviewers

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(Please note that these videos were generously made available by Traci Redish, but faculty outside the Bagwell College of Education should not contact her for help, they should contact digitalmeasures@kennesaw.edu or mburke@kennesaw.edu.) 

Reviewers’ Instructions for Managing a Digital Measures Portfolio

Review of a portfolio using Digital Measures has three steps:  (1) accessing the portfolio, (2) reviewing the content of the portfolio, and (3) advancing the portfolio to the next step.  (*NOTE:  If you receive a response letter BEFORE your review, see note at the end of this document.)

(1) Accessing the Portfolio:

If you are a single-person level of review (e.g., chair, dean, provost), you will have access and responsibility to process the portfolio through the workflow process on your own Digital Measures account.  If you are on a committee, one person on the committee will have this responsibility.  When something has been submitted or processed by the previous level for you to review, you will receive an email indicating that.  You will then log into your Digital Measures account, and you will see on the far left an option called “Workflow.”  Click on it, and you will see something like:

Larger Workflow v3

Click on “Submissions by Others” and you will see a list of the submissions in your inbox.  It will look something like this:

 List of submissions

If you have more than one submission by the same candidate, you will want to use the one with the latest date (before the deadline), because candidates cannot edit or remove their submissions from the workflow, even for a correction, so they may have to submit a second, corrected portfolio.

Click on the green arrow under “Action” and you will get a pop-up window that looks like this:

 popup window with an individual submission

You will look at the lower part of the window first.  There you will see the name of the submitter and a timestamp of the submission, any comments the candidate submitted with the materials, and a list of the files submitted.  There should normally be only one file here – the Portfolio Document Submission List, which is a list of the links to the materials that used to be found in Binder 1 of the portfolio.

If you are on a committee, you will need to download this file and make it available (in digital form, not printed) to the other members of the committee.  Email is appropriate for this, because there is no confidential information in the file; only links to password-protected files.  If this file has a .rtf suffix, open it with Microsoft Word and save it as a Word (.doc or .docx) document, to make the links more reliable.

Again, only one person per review level will have access to the submission in the workflow.

IMPORTANT:  After you download the submitted file, click “Cancel” or “X” to close the popup window.  DO NOT click “Advance to the next step.”  You will use that button when your review is finished.

(2) Reviewing the Portfolio

Once you have the file from the DM submission, you can open it and see the links to the old Binder 1 materials.  This documentation is visible to everyone in the reviewing process, so even those members of committees who could not see the documentation in the workflow will be able to click on the links and see the documents. (This permission was given individually, so if anyone has a problem accessing this, or if the committee has changed, please let me know at digitalmeasures@kennesaw.edu.)

One of the documents that you will be able to access is the Narrative.  In the Narrative and possibly in the cv, there will be live links to supplemental documentation that has been uploaded into the Digital Measures system.  This is the electronic equivalent of the old Binder 2.  These links were created when the candidate created the portfolio, and cannot be changed by the candidate after submission.  So although the candidate could theoretically remove files from DM and the links would break, the candidate cannot replace the documents with new versions after submission without also breaking the links.

Again, the documents linked from the file downloaded from the DM workflow are analogous to the old Binder 1, and the documents accessed through the links in those documents are analogous to the old Binder 2 (supplemental evidence).

(3) Advancing the Portfolio

If you receive a response letter during your review (i.e., the response letter is addressed to the immediate previous level of review, but you have received it to consider), YOU are responsible for uploading it into the Workflow (by scanning it first, if necessary).  Do this at the same time that you upload your letter, just before you advance the portfolio, as instructed below.  Do, however, make it available to the other reviewers (if you are on a committee) as soon as you receive it.

When the review of the portfolio is completed and the letter of review is written, the reviewer or committee member with access to the DM workflow will advance it to the next step.  To do this, you again log into your Digital Measures account and follow the instructions above to open the submission.  You then look at the top half of the submission screen.  Where it says “Attach files,” you can drag the file containing the letter, or click to browse to the letter file on your own computer.  You should also indicate the review recommendation (unless it is a pre-tenure or third year review) in the comments section.  This is very important for the recordkeeping process – please be sure that the positive or negative recommendation (for each review, if there is more than one, as in tenure and promotion) is indicated in the comments.  Finally, after the review letter (as well as any response letter that may have been received) is uploaded, and the recommendation is indicated in the comments, click “Advance to next step.”

You should also send the letter to the candidate, as is the usual practice, and copies to earlier levels of review as well as the Provost’s office.  (Later levels of review do not need to be copied, as they will see the letter in their own workflow.)

That completes your review of a DM portfolio.

PLEASE NOTE:  To maintain the confidentiality of the materials, as required by the handbook, all reviewers MUST DELETE ALL DOWNLOADED MATERIALS from their hard drive, etc., after the review is finished.