FAQ for Annual Reviews

Note: This information is intended for faculty who are using DM for the first time. Faculty in the Coles College of Business should follow the procedures laid out for them.  Faculty in Humanities and Social Sciences should see the help document at CHSS DM Annual Review Instructions

  • Your chair will set the deadline. If you have not already received this information, you can ask your chair.

  • Usually, no. You will enter your data into DM Activity Insight, then create Custom Reports for your ARD and FPA. You will then email those Word documents to your chair yourself.  A few chairs have established a policy of pulling the ARDs and FPAs themselves on the deadline date.  Ask your chair whether you should email the document or not.

  • DM-AI is a way of cataloging all of the faculty's accomplishments, to be used for purposes like T&P portfolios, accreditation reports, reports on global and community engagement, websites, etc. We ask faculty to do annual reviews in DM in order to get all of that information in there. DM won't make annual reviews go quicker, but doing annual reviews in DM will make those other tasks easier.

  • No. There is now a new feature of DM Activity Insight which allows you to run a Google Scholar report on yourself, export that into a bibtex format file, and upload that into Digital Measures. See the help file "Import Your Publications" in the list to the left for more information on this.

  • The Graduate Office is in the process of updating the Faculty Information System with their most current records. If, by the time you are ready to submit your ARD, your graduate status is still not correct, you should make the correction in the Word document.

  • This information comes from the FIS system, so the information needs to be fixed there. If you will email the details of the problem to digitalmeasures@kennesaw.edu, we will make sure that your record is fixed.  But it will take a few month before the corrected results appear in DM.

  • This is probably because your highest degree is not indicated as such. Go to the Education screen, select your highest degree, and look for the drop-down menu that says "Highest Degree You Have Earned?" and select "Yes."

  • Enter your best description under "committee name." It won't matter that it's not a committee.

  • Scheduled Teaching is populated in the same way as Course Response student evaluations, so they only go back to when we started using the online student evaluation module. After we finish annual reviews, we'll be working on digital T&P portfolios, and we'll figure out a solution to this.

  • You should be able to save the document that opens as a Word document. Alternatively, you can open Word, and from within Word open the rtf document that was downloaded. Then go to "Save As..." and you should be able to save it in Word format.